SCD Primary Prevention Protocols

SCD Primary Prevention Protocols

A useful algorithm for all healthcare providers managing the care of patients at risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), also known as Sudden Cardiac Death, the 'Sudden Cardiac Death Primary Prevention Protocols' outline a pathway to effectively diagnose and identify optimal therapy strategies for individuals at risk for SCA.

SCA is a leading cause of death in the United States. In fact, it claims more lives each year than breast cancer, lung cancer, or AIDS. The newly released 'Sudden Cardiac Death Primary Prevention Protocols' algorithm is a comprehensive response tool that is designed to increase accurate diagnosis and survival of individuals at risk of SCA.

The 'Sudden Cardiac Death Primary Prevention Protocols' Algorithm Features:

  • Supports diagnosis for individuals at risk for SCA
  • Enables effective identification of high-risk individuals and optimal therapy strategies
  • Provides individuals at risk for SCA a better chance at survival

An app is available for download from the Apple iTunes Store which features an interactive format for navigating through the SCD Primary Prevention Protocols. The app also features the ability to customize dates for the occurrence of MI, OMT initiation, and revascularization to determine potential eligibility for consultation, taking into account applicable ICD waiting periods. These customized outputs can then be emailed or added to the iOS calendar. 

Once downloaded, updates of the app will be received automatically as they become available. The Protocols App is compatible on the iPhone and iPad. Currently there is no app for Android devices.

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The 'Sudden Cardiac Death Primary Prevention Protocols' pathway utilized in this document represents a recommendation based on the expertise and consensus opinions of a Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) physician working group. It does not represent a consensus view of the Heart Rhythm Society and is not derivative of or reflect current and published clinical guidelines. This quick reference pathway is intended to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients at risk of SCA. Ultimately diagnosis and appropriate decisions regarding medical treatment can only be made by the treating physician with his or her patient taking into consideration the specific facts and circumstances of each unique case. This document is not a substitute for the medical judgment of the treating physician.

This document is intended for use only by physicians and other health care professionals trained and qualified in the specialties and subspecialties of cardiology and electrophysiology. Any others utilizing this document regarding any known or perceived heart condition, including irregular heartbeats or arrhythmia, should seek medical advice directly from a trained and qualified physician.

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