SCA Resource Kit

To decrease the death toll from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), it is important for the public to understand what SCA is, what the symptoms and warning signs are, and how to respond and prevent SCA from occurring. HRS has a variety of materials to assist you in educating your patients and increase public knowledge about SCA. Materials are available for download or for purchase for distribution to patients.

The SCA resource “kit” includes:

Apples and Oranges Poster 2'x 3' — for display in waiting rooms or at events. Available for download and for purchase.

Apples and Oranges Tabletop Poster 8½" x 11" — for display in waiting rooms or at events. Available for download.

SCA Anatomy Flip Chart — for use as you guide patients through the overview and expansive illustration of the heart. Available for purchase.

Ejection Fraction Tracker — What is EF, how it's tested, ability to track. Available for download or for purchase.

SCA Patient Brochure — Newly updated overview of SCA and options for treatment aimed at patients and caregivers. Available for download and for purchase.

SCA Patient DVD — Designed to help patients and their families understand SCA, this multimedia DVD reviews risk factors and features patients sharing their real-life experiences. Available for purchase.

The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Initiative is supported in part by educational grants from Boston Scientific and Zoll.

2013-14 SCA Awareness Supporters