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The Heart Rhythm Society and the American College of Cardiology Foundation collaboratively created the NCDR ICD Registry™,  a nationwide quality program that helps participating hospitals measure and improve care for patients receiving implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). As of February 2012, the Registry has collected data from more than 800,000 implants in the United States, a rate of 10,000 ICD implants per month. Learn more about the ICD Registry.

The ICD Registry is able to:

  • capture atrial, ventricular, defibrillator, and left-heart lead data at time of implant, revision, replacement, or surgical abandonment;
  • monitor and report pediatric ICD implantation data to expand the knowledge base for an important patient population with unique needs at implantation;
  • capture data on ICD/CRT-D generators for primary and secondary prevention; and
  • update key quality indicators and align its data set more closely with current guidelines.

For clinical support, participants should contact  NCDR Customer Support at 800-257-4737 or via e-mail at ncdr@acc.org. Indicate your participant ID and the “ICD Registry” in the e-mail header in order to receive a prompt response.

ICD Annual Reports

Download an ICD Registry V2.0 Factsheet

National ICD Registry™ Annual Report 2010 and 2011
Published in February 2013, the National ICD Registry Annual Report: Version 2.1 including leads and pediatrics for years 2010 and 2011 details the ICD Registry’s Version 2.1, which has been used since the second quarter of 2010. Version 2.1 has clarified and expanded some data elements and deleted others from Version 1. This report details the first 7 quarters of data collection with Version 2.1. which included data on 253,429 total implants, 347 of which were pediatric procedures, and 9,855 lead only procedures.   

National ICD Registry™ Annual Report 2009
Published in September 2010, the National ICD Registry Annual Report 2009 details the ICD Registry’s Version 2.0 which expanded the scope of Registry’s data collection tool. The annual report also highlights the development of performance measures and the feasibility to use registry data to measure performance and patient outcomes.

National ICD Registry™ Annual Report 2008
Published in Fall 2009, this is a review of the third year of the ICD Registry, including the expansion to include lead data and pediatric ICD procedures, and the role for measuring performance. It also announced the upcoming Version 2.0.

National ICD Registry™ Annual Report 2007
Review of the Registry's Second Year, Data Collected, and Plans to Add Lead and Pediatric ICD Procedures, published Fall 2008.

National ICD Registry™ Annual Report 2006
Review of the Registry's First Year, Data Collected, and Future Plans, published Fall 2007.