The 1st annual Physiology of Pacing Symposium 2017 is designed to provide clinicians with an in-depth understanding of current methods and strategies to optimize physiological pacing of the heart. This one-day symposium will focus on His-bundle Pacing (HBP), an evolving pacing modality that has the most potential to achieve electrical excitation of the heart through the normal specialized conduction system. Participants will review the history and relevant anatomy of the conduction system with regard to HBP, with particular educational emphasis on tips and methods for successful implantation. The program will then serve to provide an overview of clinical applications that have been established and are currently being evaluated through clinical trials. Comparative clinical and/or surgical strategies to achieve cardiac resynchronization through leadless technology, multi-site pacing, and left ventricular endocardial pacing will be highlighted as well, with emphasis of physiologic considerations.

The Western Atrial Fibrillation (WAF) Symposium assembles key global thought leaders for a collaborative discussion regarding the latest advancement in atrial fibrillation research and treatment. WAF features a distinguished faculty of physicians and researchers from 10 countries and 44 renowned biomedical centers across the United States. WAF speakers and panels discuss topics such as the electrical mechanisms of atrial fibrillation, image processing to improve AF management, AF and heart failure, MRI-guided ablation, improvements in patient care and AF outcomes, microscopy to characterize fibrosis, drug therapy, ECG monitoring, and technical advancements in the field of atrial fibrillation.

EP Live 2018


EP Live is a 2-day intensive educational meeting targeting practicing electrophysiologists as well as fellows in training. The meeting consists of four sections: AF ablation, VT ablation, devices and new technologies. In addition, a panel of recognized experts will provide commentary and discussion. Previously recorded cases will also be shown.

The AF VT VF Summit is designed for electrophysiologists, cardiologists, fellows-in-training, and others interested in cardiac arrhythmias. We will present the latest results of basic and clinical research and information about ablation, imaging and device technologies and therapies. This year we will have interactive discussions, case presentations, and panel discussion. New this year: Poster Presentations!

By far, the Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists Forum (CVCT), now in its 14th year, provides the best annual update and in-depth understanding of the trials shaping the evidence base of modern cardiology.

Join academics, trialists, regulators, R&D experts and young investigators for an interactive exchange covering all areas of CV trials. CVCT Forum is the only event focusing specifically on clinical trials in cardiovascular disease that brings together key decision makers, conceivers of clinical trial protocols, investigators, regulatory authorities, clinical research associations, cardiologists, general practitioners, epidemiologists and industry.

The Rhythm Management Summit will host 70 experienced EP physicians from the Middle East & North Africa regions to bring you talks on guidelines and advancements in devices, electrophysiology, and LAA closure technologies. Three international researchers will be the speakers at the summit, in addition to dedicated lectures for local EP societies to present cases and have an interactive discussions during this event.

This symposium is a multi-specialty Cardiovascular educational symposium in North America on the frontier science of left atrial appendage. This topic is of tremendous interest in the practice of cardiovascular care. Over a period of two days, the symposium will offer very informative presentations on the anatomy, physiology and pathological aspects of the left atrial appendage along with old and new therapeutic strategies of stroke prophylaxis including cardiac devices for LAA exclusion. The worldwide presenters are the leaders in the field with a great depth of practical expertise in the science.

At ACC’s Cardiovascular Summit you will experience how to effectively align strong leadership with innovative business strategies to fit the puzzle pieces together to ensure better care, smarting spending, healthier people and happier providers. Network with over 400 colleagues across the country while learning from the leading experts in the field of cardiology, business practices and leadership. Immerse yourself in an educational experience that leads to operational excellence, cost efficiency, leadership training and workforce satisfaction during this time of radical care delivery transformation.