The Eric N. Prystowsky Early Career Researcher Award

Submission Open: October 10, 2018
Submission Deadline: December 7, 2018


This award promotes excellence in clinical research by recognizing an early career researcher with the highest scoring abstract from select sub-categories in the Clinical Electrophysiology and Catheter Ablation abstract categories. 

Designed for the physician scientist with interest and expertise in arrhythmia research, this award aims to support the early career researcher who is one to five years out of fellowship training. 


This award is available to eligible persons submitting an abstract as First Author in the following sub-categories:


26) Clinical Trials / Outcomes
27) Experimental methods
28) Mapping & Imaging
29) Ablation
30) Quality Measures & Complications

Atrial Fibrillation & Atrial Flutter:
31) Clinical Trials / Outcomes
32) Mapping & Imaging
33) Experimental methods
34) Ablation
35) Quality Measures & Complications

Ventricular Tachycardia & Ventricular Fibrillation:
36) Physiology-Pharmacology
37) Electrocardiography
38) Clinical Trials / Outcomes
39) Mapping & Imaging
40) Ablation
41) Experimental methods
42) Quality Measures & Complications


SCA Risk Assessment:
43) Signal Processing Techniques (SAECG/TWA, HRV, QT interval)
44) Clinical Risk Assessment Techniques
45) Other Noninvasive Techniques

Syncope & Bradycardia:
46) Physiology-Pharmacology
47) Electrocardiography
48) Clinical Trials / Outcomes
49) Experimental Methods
50) Tilt Table Testing

51) Epidemiology of Cardiac Arrhythmias/ Epidemiology
52) Physiology-Pharmacology
53) Electrocardiography

Atrial Fibrillation & Atrial Flutter:
54) Physiology
55) Pharmacology (Antiarrhythmic drugs and anticoagulants)
56) Electrocardiography
57) Left Atrial Appendage Closure

To be considered, you must indicate your interest in applying for this award during the regular abstract submission period (October 10 -December 7, 2018).  Abstracts must conform to the published abstract rules and procedures and be received by the deadline for abstract First Authors to be considered for this award.

The award is open to the early career researcher one to five years out of Fellowship training. The research for the eligible abstract must have been substantially completed during this time period and must involve intact human subjects. Fellows who are selected as Young Investigator Award (YIA) finalists, Fellow with the Highest Scoring Abstract Award and the Eric N. Prystowsky Fellow Clinical Research Award will not be eligible to receive this award.

Award Process

In January, after abstracts have gone through the peer-review process, the submitting authors of the top five highest scoring abstracts will be sent an award application to complete, as along with an eligibility form to be signed by their training directors. Once the awards review process has been completed and all authors have been notified in February of the status of their abstracts, the winner of the award will be announced.

Frequency: One award; given annually


This award includes complimentary registration to the current year’s Scientific Sessions, a plaque, and $1,500 for the Presenting Author’s travel and housing expenses.

Supported by the Eric and Bonnie Prystowsky Early Career Fund