Mailing List Rentals

The Heart Rhythm Society rents mailing lists for specific purposes and audiences.

The Society does not, under any circumstances, sell or rent email addresses.

The costs of renting a mailing list vary depending upon the type of material being promoted and requests for targeted audiences.

Educational programs offered in relation to or conjunction with the Annual Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions:

Registered Heart Rhythm exhibitors may rent pre- and post-registration mailing lists.To request the list, please email .

Educational programs seeking endorsement or co-sponsorship which are not related to the Annual Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions:

All mailing list rentals for the purpose of promoting an educational event or program which is not related to the Annual Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions must be requested via the co-sponsorship/endorsement pathway . This pathway provides the mailing addresses for Society members. The application also provides several options for purchasing email communications to the Society's members (emails are sent by the Society).