HRS Ambassadors

HRS Ambassadors serve as the Society’s official representative with designated external organizations. 

Dr. Jian–Ming Li, MD, PhD, FHRS
Dr. Win–Kuang K. Shen, MD, FHRS

Eastern Europe
Dr. Przemyslaw P. Mitkowski, MD, PhD

Dr. Suneet Mittal, BA, MD, FHRS
Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar, MD, PhD, FHRS

Dr. Hiroshi Nakagawa, MD, PhD

Latin America
Dr. T. Jared Bunch, MD
Dr. Carlos A. Morillo, MD, FHRS

Middle East
Dr. Joseph G. Akar, MD, PhD
Dr. Mohammad Shenasa, MD, PhD, FHRS

Southern Africa
Dr. Ashley Chin, MBChB, FHRS, CEPS–A, CCDS

Southeast Asia
Dr. Ryan G. Aleong, MD, FHRS
Dr. Koonlawee Nademanee, MD, FHRS, CCDS

Western Europe
Dr. Douglas L. Packer, MD