Strategic Plan

Vision: To end death and suffering due to heart rhythm disorders.

Overview: In pursuit of its vision to end death and suffering due to heart rhythm disorders, HRS’ overarching goals will be to secure its financial future through focus on increasing reach, engaging members, and building its brand as the recognized authority for heart rhythm care. 


  1. Secure Financials: Build a sustainable financial model ensuring HRS’ ability to continue its mission
  2. Increase Reach: Increase HRS’ reach enabling HRS to realize fully its vision
  3. Engage Volunteers: Leverage the power of HRS’ volunteer resources and increase their engagement with the organization
  4. Build Brand: Secure HRS’ brand positioning and credibility by being broadly acknowledged as the authority on heart rhythm care.

Strategies and Objectives

The strategies HRS will pursue in support of its goals are:

  1. Institutionalize an objective and transparent means of evaluating opportunities that ensures the financial viability of HRS.
    • Define the ideal organizational scale
    • Establish criteria and metrics for evaluating current and future programs and investment opportunities
    • Establish a transparent, objective, and rigorous process for making investment decisions
    • Objectively and regularly evaluate programs and make recommendations for modification or elimination based on ability to meet goals
  2. Ensure ALL of HRS’ core constituents recognize the value of HRS membership.
    • Ensure communications, marketing and outreach to members are aligned with what members find valuable and engaging
    • Generate innovative ideas to drive member value that are consistent with HRS’ financials goals and help to increase its reach, the value of its brand and make members feel more engaged with HRS
  3. Identify, explore, and vet new and more effective ways to engage volunteers.
    • Continue to build the volunteer competency model and evaluation process to ensure we objectively and consistently prepare, evaluate, and recognize volunteer contributions
    • Provide opportunities to increase volunteer engagement beyond our traditional committee structure to increase HRS’ reach in a cost-effective manner and help build the value of the brand

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