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New American Heart Association® COVID-19 CVD Registry powered by Get With The Guidelines®

May 26, 2020

As physicians, scientists, and researchers worldwide struggle to understand the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the American Heart Association (AHA) has developed a COVID-19 CVD Registry to aggregate data and aid research on the disease. AHA hopes to gain insight into the clinical treatment patterns and variations, including the collection of biomarkers, as well as risk factors and cardiovascular outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients across the nation.

This new COVID-19 CVD Registry focuses on real-time data from acute care hospitals and captures patient clinical characteristics, medications, treatments, labs, vitals, biomarkers, and outcomes in adult (≥18 years old) patients hospitalized with COVID-19. Join the 100+ hospitals that have already submitted over 2,000 cases.

AHA’s COVID-19 CVD Registry powered by Get With The Guidelines® (GWTG) builds on 20 years of successful hospital quality improvement efforts. The no-cost registry will help inform the larger medical community and the aggregated, unidentified data set will be available to researchers through the AHA’s Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine in the coming months.

In addition to being specifically designed to track all hospitalized adult COVID-19 patients to get real-time feedback from across the nation, the registry will include the following features:

  • Access to national and regional benchmarks
  • Ability to capture and customize site-specific data elements for the patient population
  • Ability to use key learnings and data for future pandemic preparedness
  • Ability to support powerful clinical insights and rapid research
  • Enhanced measures and reports available in future iterations

To further augment this stand-alone novel COVID-19 CVD Registry, AHA has also updated all of the existing GWTG modules, including the AHA/HRS AFib module, with a COVID-19 overlay to enable hospitals to collect information on the past medical history of COVID-19 to track delays in acute care related to PPE and to track active infections during patient hospitalizations. 

For example, in the existing GWTG AFib patient management tool, clinicians can track patient information on confirmed active bacterial or viral infection during patient hospitalization allowing hospitals to indicate whether the patient had a seasonal cold or flu, bacterial infection, SARS-COV-1, SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19), MERS, or other infection respiratory pathogen during their AFib hospitalization. The goal is to collect high-quality data on AFib patients to help inform the clinical community on best practices and lessons learned in the treatment of AFib in the era of COVID-19.

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AHA COVID-19 CVD Registry Available Now

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