9th Annual Duke Electrophysiology Summit: State-of-the-Art Arrhythmia and Device Management

September 9, 2019, Durham, NC

The 9th Annual Duke Electrophysiology Summit: State of the Art Arrhythmia and Device Management symposium will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2019 at the JB Duke Hotel in Durham, NC, and will address topics such as HF treatment with CRT, SCD risk stratification, ICD selection, AF & stroke prevention, and genetic testing and interpretation. The course will also be offered as enduring material online for 12 months following the conference.

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Written by: HRS

The overall goal of the activities is to enhance learners' knowledge and their competency to incorporate evidence-based updates in their practice.  The symposium will focus on the collaborative care of patients with heart rhythm disorders, and will offer sessions specifically for advanced cardiology, primary care and advanced practice providers.


This program is designed to meet the continuing education (CE) needs of cardiologists, electrophysiologists, primary care physicians, advanced practice providers, and allied health professionals who care for arrhythmia patients.


  • Describe the expected outcomes of atrial fibrillation ablation or other invasive management approaches
  • Select appropriate atrial fibrillation patients for left atrial appendage exclusion devices
  • Identify patients who are candidates for headless pacemakers or subcutaneous defibrillators
  • Recognize the indications for device system removal, including lead extraction, as specified in the 2017 HRS Consensus Statement
  • Identify complications from ablations and device implants and patients needing prompt referral to electrophysiologist.

9th Annual Duke Electrophysiology (EP) Summit