14th Annual New Frontiers in Heart Failure Therapy – Integrating Devices and Pharmacotherapy

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Duration: 1 Day

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Activity Description:

The understanding and treatment of chronic heart failure have undergone dramatic changes over the past several years, with the use of combination neurohormonal antagonism as the cornerstone of medical therapy coinciding with the advent of a new appreciation of the risks and therapies addressing electrical issues of the heart.

Many physicians including primary care and cardiovascular specialists are typically responsible for the care of the heart failure patient and must use the full array of available therapeutic options.

Device trials including implantable defibrillators and biventricular pacemakers for cardiac resynchronization have demonstrated significant morbidity and mortality benefits and are now considered standard of care for appropriate heart failure patients.

This symposium will address the compelling evidence for aggressive medical and device-based therapies for patients with chronic heart failure. The overall goal is the integration of medical, device, diagnostic and surgical therapies for our patients with chronic heart failure.


JW Marriott Essex House, 160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019

Course Directors/Faculty:

Philip B. Adamson, MD

Jonathan S. Steinberg, MD, FHRS

Suneet Mittal, BA, MD, FHRS

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the new available options for anticoagulation in heart failure patients with atrial fibrillation
  • Learn about the role of autonomic modulation as a therapeutic modality in heart failure patients
  • Appreciate the top 10 things every cardiologist needs to know about their heart failure patient with an implanted cardiac device
  • Review the role of cardiac resynchronization therapy in non-LBBB patients
  • Update your understanding of using biomarkers to evaluate and manage heart failure patients
  • Examine the impact of hyponatremia in heart failure patients
  • Review the evidence for mechanical circulatory support in unstable heart failure patients
  • Learn how to implement heart failure guidelines and standards into clinical practice

Target Audience:

Electrophysiologists, cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, internists, nurses, other allied healthcare professionals

Contact Information:

Christine Archibald
Tel: 732 977 5887