Third Joint Indian Heart Rhythm Society - Electrophysiology Research Foundation Satellite Symposium

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Activity Description:

This program was very well received in 2013, and we look toward 2014 having the same success. There is a great need for educational information on new options in therapy for prevention of stroke in India and the USA. There will also be debates on new technology and presentations on ablation relevant to both physician groups.

This symposium will have two educational sessions and a panel discussion:

  • Session 1-New Directions in Interventional Therapies for Arrhythmias: Points of View
  • Session 2-Advances in Imaging and Interventions.

Registration Information:

  To learn more and register for this event, please use the course brochure. Click on the link provided below. 



San Francisco, CA

Course Directors/Faculty:

Sanjeev Saksena, MBBS, FHRS

Kamal K. Sethi, MD, FHRS

Learning Objectives:

  • Review state of the art developments in prevention of stroke, which is a major need in emerging healthcare systems
  • Discuss novel therapies for stroke prevention that are now available in non-valvular atrial fibrillation
  • Evaluate new technologies for catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation
  • Discuss advances in imaging for implantable devices and catheter ablation
  • Expand  understanding of cardiac arrhythmias in the Indian subcontinent and the current challenges in therapy and research in the region.
  • Increase awareness of the public health challenges posed by cardiac rhythm disorders in the epidemic of cardiovascular disease in the region.
  • Develop links between health care professionals in the subcontinent and overseas involved in patient care or educational program development for cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Discuss new technologies and current therapeutic approaches and their potential for application in clinical practice in India.
  • Establish new educational and research directions to improve availability of care for heart rhythm disorders in India with specialized training of health care professionals, increased public awareness and education of the disease states and develop foundation for research in cardiac arrhythmias.

Target Audience:

All-Physicians, Fellows, Nurses

Contact Information:

Paula Cardona - Administrative Coordinator
Tel: 732 302 9990