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Digital Health Boot Camp

Content Stream Leads

Hamid Ghanbari, MD

Hamid Ghanbari, MD

Stuart Mendenhall, MD, FHRS

Stuart Mendenhall, MD, FHRS

Session Sneak Peek

Crash Course: Wearables for Physiological Monitoring – The State of Science
  • The Present
    Terms of software and hardware, with an emphasis on commonly used sensor modalities today: optical (PPG), electrode (ECG), accelerometers, gyroscope, galvanic skin response, and temperature will be presented.
  • Emerging
    A forward-looking session to discuss future technologies in development including skin-inspired (stretchable), electronics, energy storage, and nanoparticle sensors, textiles, hydrogels, and flexible sensors for data collection.
Group Chat: Developing and Implementing AI in Cardiovascular Care: Successes, Challenges, and Next Steps

A panel discussion on where we are and where we are going with AI in cardiovascular care, starting with a brief background followed by a discussion on: moving from rule-based classification to pattern-based classification; applying AI to electronic health records; moving beyond the black box: the role of “explainable AI”; prediction: A fool’s errand? When is regression sufficient?; what’s the future?

Crash Course: Using Tech for Behavioral Change
  • Fundamentals of Behavior Change Theory and Adaption to Tech
    An overview of the fundamental needs for behavior change with a brief discussion of the theoretical frameworks in use today, along with descriptions of the adaptation of the frameworks to tech-based interventions and common experimental designs to test what works.
  • Using Tech for Behavior Change
    A dive into technology use for behavior change, ranging from electronic nudges, reminders, wearable technology, AI/bots, gamification, social media, social credits, fintech, and other interventions.
Group Chat: Behavior Tech: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability at Scale

A panel discussion focusing on concrete examples of behavior change technology to have an honest look at successes and failures and to really ask the question: “How do we get humans to reliably and consistent do the things that are good for them?” The session will serve as a launch point to discuss what may work and what may not work and what’s needed for this to endure.

Group Chat: What Does It Take for a Health Tech Startup to Succeed?

This will be a deeper dive into issues of interoperability, connectivity, and what this means for the many stakeholders present, with an emphasis on both patients and clinicians. Topics to be covered:

  • What are your funds investing in now? Where do you see the future going?
  • When to start a company – how do you know that your idea or product has legs?
  • Early funding transitioning to later stage funding, how not to get taken advantage of, how not to lose control of your company
  • What Do VCs Want?
  • Common pitfalls – what are the reasons many founders and early- stage companies fall flat
  • What should be in place before your A round
  • Where will we be in a few years with respect to the digital health hype cycle? What bets are people placing now for the next five years?