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Industry Education

Throughout HRX, there will be several industry-sponsored small-group discussions. Please find the Industry Roundtable Discussions listed below and full schedule in the Program-at-a-Glance.

Remote Support in Electrophysiology

Presented by Presented by Abbott
What does "remote support" mean to you and your practice? Join this roundtable discussion for engaging conversations about how remote connectivity tools are being leveraged within the EP space and their application now and in the future.


Bennett Maggio - Global Marketing Manager, Connected Healthcare, Abbott Electrophysiology

Interoperability: Reflections from the Inaugural World Forum on CIED Follow Up and Next Steps

Presented by Presented by PaceMate
The World Forum on CIED Follow-Up recently held in Spain continues the work of HRS' Interoperability Work Group on a global stage. We will continue to discuss the goals and solutions needed to transform CIED management with efficient flow of discrete data between vendor, middleware & EHR platforms. This roundtable session is an opportunity to continue the interoperability conversation with a focus on solutions.


Kenneth Stein, MD, FACC - CMO, Boston Scientific
Jason Hale - VP, Customer Excellence, PaceMate
Ardy Arianpour, MBA - CEO & Co-Founder, Sequester
Gerald Serwer, MD - Pediatric Electrophysiologist, University of Michigan, Chair, HRS Interoperability Work Group


David Slotwiner, MD, FHRS - Chief of the Division of Cardiology at New York Presbyterian Queens and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Population Health at Weill Cornell Medicine

Addressing the Deluge of Wearables Data with RPM Digital Solutions: Sharing Best Practice and Clinical Use Cases

Presented by Presented by Cardiologs
Wearable devices have the potential to transform the traditional care pathway. However, they create an overwhelming amount of data that cannot be easily integrated in the clinical workflow. How can a digital solution like Cardiologs RPM, able to automatically centralize and triage ECG and PPG-HR data, be implemented?

Share clinical use cases and best practices with experts to unlock the potential of smart wearables for remote cardiac monitoring.


Martha G. Ferrara, DNP, FNP, FHRS, CCDS - Assistant Director EP Services, White Plains Hospitals
Kamala Tamirisa, MD, FHRS - Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia
Suneet Mittal, MD, FHRS - Director of EP Lab/Assoc Chief of Cardiology, The Valley Hospital

Leveraging Technology for Quality, Efficiency & Population Health: FHIR API Integration + Automation

Presented by Presented by PaceMate
Not all EHR integrations are the same. Let's dive into the true meaning of interoperability and automation and how FHIR API is revolutionizing the exchange of health data. Let's explore how comprehensive software platforms can transform heart rhythm care beyond CIED remote monitoring along with FHIR APIs. Learn how FHIR API can facilitate population health initiatives and day to day workflow improvements including alert burden reduction.


Jason Hale - VP Customer Excellence, PaceMate
Robin Leahy - VP Customer Experience, PaceMate
Curt Harper - Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, PaceMate

The Changing Role of the Patient in Their Care

Presented by Presented by Abbott
The traditional patient care model is in the midst of a transformation, leading to a mix in expectations.  Some patients expect to be extremely involved in their care, others want minimal engagement. In this round table, we will discuss how we can best respond to our changing patient needs.


Shafali Hill - Director of Marketing, Connectivity Services
Bonnie Ward - Associate Downstream Marketing Manager, Connectivity & Digital Health

Determining the Best Fit Solution in the Current Era to Address CIED Remote Monitoring Needs - Is It Software, Service or Something Else?

Presented by Presented by PrepMD RMS
This is an interactive session that will provide guidelines on determining the root causes for a clinic's remote monitoring challenges. The group will then present a game plan to choose the best solution to address these challenges. This interactive session will include case studies which will include smaller clinics to major healthcare systems.


Greg O'Neal, CCDS, CEPS - Director of Technology Development, PrepMD RMS
Kent Seckinger, CCDS - Customer Success Manager, PrepMD RMS


Robert Lerman, MD- Physician Executive and CMO, PrepMD RMS

The Number One Remote Monitoring Problem to Solve: Patient Connectivity

Presented by Presented by Vector Remote Care
As cardiac remote monitoring continues to advance, keeping patients engaged and compliant in the remote monitoring process remains a significant challenge. Join the Vector Remote Care team to discuss the challenges and opportunities of patient connectivity within remote cardiac monitoring programs, as well as tangible steps your clinic can take for better patient engagement.


Kevin Hoffman - President and CEO, Vector Remote Care

Bridging the Gap in Remote Monitoring and Optimizing Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation

Presented by Rhythm Management Group
The roundtable focus will be on the use of remote monitoring and its benefits.  As digital health expands so too does the ever-increasing amount of data that comes with it. Third party services offer the ability to alleviate this burden. Utilizing the services may at first seem daunting and this roundtable speaks directly to this issue.  Join us for an exciting discussion on what a practice can expect in the transition process to remote monitoring. What are the potential upsides to a practice making the transition away from in-house monitoring to using a third party?  How can improvements in remote monitoring translate to better care of the atrial fibrillation patient?


Dr. John McKenzie, MD - Heartbeat Cardiology, Glendale 


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Kestra Medical

Octagos Health

UMas M2d2 CAPCaT

Zywie Inc

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