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HRX Pitch Competition

Theme: Breakthrough Innovations in Cardiovascular Digital Health

HRX will be the premier event where cardiovascular digital health innovators transform patient care.

In the spirit of transforming cardiovascular digital care, HRX is hosting a Pitch Competition where early-stage innovators and start-ups can showcase their breakthrough digital health innovations!

Meet the HRX 2022 Pitch Competition Teams

Relay Response

HRX 2022 Semi-Finalist: Relay ResponseAt Relay Response, we are on a mission to enable accessible, effective CPR everywhere. We develop medical software that we deploy on consumer smartphones and smartwatches for rescuers. With Relay Response, a rescuer uses the mobile device in their pocket or on their wrist to: 1) practice CPR on-demand, 2) have real-time coaching during a cardiac arrest, and 3) receive data-rich insights to continually improve.

We are thrilled to be invited by HRS to participate in this year’s HRX Pitch Competition. For us, HRX is a great opportunity to build connections with a diverse group of clinicians, investors, and industry leaders. We are excited to show how the future of cardiac arrest care is at everyone’s fingertips with Relay Response.

General Prognostics (GPx)

HRX 2022 Semi-Finalist: General Prognostics (GPx)General Prognostics (GPx) is revolutionizing remote chronic disease management with the world's first bloodless blood tests to eradicate preventable heart failure readmission.

We are excited about participating in HRX as a way to get feedback from individuals in the industry, form new partnerships, and grow awareness of our technology.

ReadMyRhythm (RMR)

HRX 2022 Semi-Finalist: ReadMyRhythm (RMR)ReadMyRhythm (RMR) is a cloud based, digital healthcare platform that will identify and diagnose cardiac arrhythmias in consumers with wearable devices. The RMR platform can be a large part of the solution to the HRS vision of "ending death and suffering from cardiac arrhythmia disorders".

We are excited to present our solution to such a distinguished crowd. We believe RMR can capture and triage clinical arrhythmias on a broad scale using wearable device technology. Using our unique application, we can provide an efficient mechanism to connect consumers with arrhythmias to the cardiac medical community.


HRX 2022 Semi-Finalist: AnumanaAnumana, an AI-driven health technology company and a portfolio company of nference and Mayo Clinic Platform, is harnessing industry-leading AI and translational science to decode the electrocardiogram as never before – as a deep predictive tool and biomarker of disease – empowering care providers to help patients early.

Anumana is excited for the opportunity to participate in the HRX Pitch Competition and to share our story on breakthrough AI ECG innovations. We are looking forward to meeting fellow innovators disrupting cardiology with digital tools and transforming patient care.

VPExam from TeleHealth Care Solutions LLC

HRX 2022 Semi-Finalist: VPExam from TeleHealth Care Solutions LLCTeleHealth Care Solutions LLC (TCS) was formed in an effort to create innovative software systems to improve access and quality of care to new populations. TCS has received support from the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps and University Hospitals of Cleveland to developed novel clinically validated virtual care systems reducing morbidity and mortality in complex cardiac patients.

VPExam Virtual Care combines augmented reality guidance of video acquisitions with Bluetooth stethoscopes and single lead ECG to improve diagnostic accuracy by assessing volume status, cardiopulmonary auscultation, detection of arrythmias, and providing structured data including vitals, medication reconciliation, and labs. Shah et al published the "VPExam Virtual Care for Heart Failure Optimizing Transitions of Care Quality Improvement Project (VPExam QI)" in the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal, Vol 3, No 3, June 2022. VPExam intervention has been shown to significantly improve the outcomes of high-risk heart failure patients discharged to Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Care. VPExam QI revealed timely reliable cardiology consultation for follow up of heart failure hospitalization and urgent consultations created moderate significance modification in clinical management in 84% of encounters, while being associated with a 40% relative risk reduction in 30-day hospital readmission rate and a 56% relative risk reduction in 30-day mortality rate.

Our team is excited to have the opportunity to discuss the ongoing evolution of virtual care especially focusing on specialty transition of care. Virtual care in heart failure management is a rapidly evolving intervention with high-yield quality returns.


By partnering/collaborating with entrepreneurs, inventors, visionaries, and founders, this event is a unique opportunity that includes:

  • Professional Networking: Build a support network, relationships, and connections that would help launch your innovation.
  • Peer-Learning: Learn from other innovators that strive to improve cardiovascular care.
  • Coaching and Mentoring: Receive valuable in-kind mentoring and support from experienced innovators.
  • Monetary Awards: 1st place: $30,000; 2nd place: $15,000; 3rd place: $10,000
Important Dates
  • June 30, 2022: Selected teams are announced
  • July 1, 2022 – September 5, 2022: Virtual Coaching
  • September 10, 2022: Pitch Competition