In Memoriam

In Memoriam

From time to time, the Heart Rhythm Society may publicize obituary announcements about very important figures in the heart rhythm field. We do not have the resources to create or publicize obituaries about every worthy individual. Please refer to the following guidelines to determine whether and how HRS will make an announcement. 

Who may be profiled?

  • Members and nonmembers who are either:
    • Current Board of Trustees members
    • Past Presidents
    • Awardees from the following categories:
      • Recognition (Distinguished and Pioneer) awards
      • President’s awards 

What is the process for posting an announcement? 

Staff will relay notice of a death to the Director of Governance and Board Relations. That person will determine whether the VIP meets the criteria for an obituary announcement, collect information, write the obituary in conjunction with the Director of Marketing & Communications, 

and send the obituary to the Marketing Coordinator. The Marketing Coordinator will create a Web page and a summary for Keeping Pace. 

What will the post contain? 


  • Date of death
  • Contribution to HRS
  • Memorial information 


  • Picture
  • Personal information
  • Work history
  • Contribution to the EP field
  • Quote from member 

When will notices posted? 

  1. If a newspaper or other official obit is available, after a two-day lead time
  2. If no obit is available, after a five-day lead time 

Where are the notices posted? 

  • Keeping Pace
    • A page will be created and then removed after 90 days 
  • eCommunity
  • Members may post memorial threads if they wish, but HRS will not start them