Hector Barajas-Martinez

Hector M. Barajas-Martinez, PhD, FHRS

Step into the Spotlight!

Dr. Barajas Martinez is a principal investigator in our Molecular Genetics /Molecular Biology Program. The major focus of his research at this program is to identify at the molecular level, the various heterogeneities that our Experimental Cardiology and Molecular Genetics teams have identified at the electrical and genetic level.

Dr. Barajas-Martinez holds a doctorate in Human Genetics from the University of Guadalajara, México. He has devoted his research to the genetic basis and molecular mechanisms of heart rhythm disorders. The focus of his research activities deals with the genetic basis of inherited arrhythmogenic cardiac syndromes. His research interests are genetic diagnostics and mutational screening analysis of ion channel genes through DNA sequence and genotyping in patients with Brugada, Short QT, Long QT, and others form of Sudden Cardiac Death Syndromes (SCDS). He collaborates with national and international biomedical research centers dealing with acquired and congenital heart rhythm disorders.

Dr. Barajas-Martinez has contributed to identification of gene mutations linked to inherited cardiac arrhythmia and conduction disease. He has contributed to discovery of 6 new genes related to Brugada and Early repolarization syndromes, also known as “J Wave Syndromes”. He continues to play an important leadership role working with our research scientists and technicians to facilitate identification of genetic defects associated with life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.