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The Heart Rhythm Journal is rooted in fundamental discovery and clinical applicability, and our editorial team is always looking for innovative ways to bring the latest science-based and original research to the global EP community. In the last year alone, the number of submissions has significantly increased, with a growing presence of international studies. To reflect the advancement of research and our expanding international collaboration, we have made great efforts to enhance your journal experience.

Enhancing Your Reading Experience

Our editorial team has worked to present the content of the Heart Rhythm Journal in different formats—integrating audio and video so you can catch up on the latest studies and articles in various ways.

  • New Podcast Series: Each month, I provide an overview of the primary findings, conclusion, and limitations for each article as part of a podcast series. I also produce each podcast in Mandarin to reach many of our global readers.
  • Video Spotlight Series: Another new feature is our monthly video spotlight series, which is produced by our online editor, Daniel P. Morin, MD, MPH, FHRS, who selects an article each month and interviews its lead author. 

The Heart Rhythm Journal team is working to make sure our content is parallel to the changes happening in technology with hopes for it to be more mobile and interactive. We want to ensure that you have easy access to the most recent research and hope you find these new resources valuable.

The podcast and video series are available on www.heartrhythmjournal.com, Vimeo, and the Heart Rhythm Journal app can be downloaded on iTunes.

Providing a Unique Offering

In addition to the Heart Rhythm Journal, our other journal, Heart Rhythm Case Reports (HRCR), continues to grow at a rapid pace. Originally a bi-monthly publication, HRCR has moved to a monthly publication due to a large increase in submissions, interest, and engagement. Most recently, it has been indexed within Elsevier and PubMed Central, increasing readership and exposure.

HRCR currently has five section editors and an international editorial board that is led by T. Jared Bunch, MD, FHRS. In addition, Dr. Bunch authors an “EP News Case Reports” that is featured in each month’s Heart Rhythm Journal, in which he highlights three to four accepted cases across various topic areas to provide a snapshot of what to expect in the issue.

HRCR is an exclusive and unique offering, as there is no other publication dedicated to case reports about heart rhythm disorders. HRCR represents a great way to share and exchange ideas and best practices for specific clinical scenarios. HRCR’s social presence is also growing rapidly, with the EP community engaging in real time. Be sure to follow @HRS_CaseReports on Twitter to join the conversation.

As far as next steps, Dr. Bunch and the editorial team plan to integrate the articles into a library database and have interactive questions in order to earn education credits. The journal will also support case report competitions at the Heart Rhythm Society Scientific Sessions with anticipation of other internal meetings to provide an avenue to publish these top cases.

You can learn more and view this month’s issue of HRCR at www.heartrhythmcasereports.com.

Looking Ahead to What’s Next

I look forward to upholding the Journal's international reputation and evolving it to adapt to today’s digital age, while continuing to share groundbreaking research. We aim to share more prospective, multi-center studies, so I encourage you to think about the Heart Rhythm Journal when considering sources for publication.

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Peng-Sheng Chen, MD, FHRS 
Editor-in-Chief, Heart Rhythm Journal