Dr. Dan Hu, MD, PhD, FHRS, is the main investigator in Masonic Medical Research Laboratory, Utica, NY. Her field involves translational and clinical cardiology, specifically in the area of electrophysiology and arrhythmia, such as inherited arrhythmogenic cardiac syndromes. She has contributed to discovery of 8 new genes related to Brugada and Early repolarization syndromes, also known as “J Wave Syndromes”. 

Join the Heart Rhythm Society in congratulating long-time HRS member, D. George Wyse, MD, PhD, FHRS, on being selected by the University of Calgary to present its 2017 Lecture of a Lifetime Series. The annual event recognizes exceptional talent and achievement, and celebrates outstanding service to the university and the community and will be held on May 16 at the University of Calgary.