The mission of Heart Rhythm Society's (HRS) continuing education program is to enhance the ability of heart rhythm specialists worldwide to provide excellent patient care throughout their careers, accomplished by providing academically rigorous, year-round learning to physicians, scientists and healthcare professionals, using innovative teaching methods and advanced technologies in HRS's educational courses and symposia, enduring materials and year-round educational activities.

Society membership offers timely and relevant information, professional education, and networking opportunities that you need to provide the best patient care possible.

What to Give


Make a gift in recognition of the life and work of someone close to you and create a lasting tribute to the person honored or memorialized, while supporting HRS's programs. The families and individuals memorialized or honored will be notified of your gift; the amount, remains undisclosed unless otherwise requested. If you are interested in making a memorial or honorary gift, please provide the appropriate contact information when you make or submit your gift.

How To Give


The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) offers a variety of donation programs to help sustain education programs, funding research fellowships, supporting patient awareness campaigns and providing travel scholarships. Contributions made through the initiatives below give the Society the flexibility to seed new ideas while continuing to meet its strategic goals. Thank you for supporting HRS through philanthropy.