This symposium is designed for electrophysiologists, electrophysiology fellows-in training, cardiologists, and others interested in cardiac arrhythmias. It is our intent to present the latest results of basic and clinical research and information about ablation, imaging technologies and device therapies. This year’s event offers expanded case presentation sessions and interactive discussion, as well as the latest guidelines, didactic lectures and debate by national and international experts in the field. 

The Cleveland Clinic is once again offering an update on heart rhythm care presented by highly regarded experts both at Cleveland Clinic and beyond. This CME event will provide a complete overview of current trends, ideas and innovations in heart rhythm care. It is designed to provide comprehensive, quality education for all healthcare professionals who care for patients with heart rhythm disorders

Cardiologists and electrophysiologists are constantly faced with evolving techniques and tools for diagnosing and treating arrhythmia patients. Rapid change and new research make it difficult to ensure that electrophysiology diagnosis and treatment is consistent with the most current guidelines. Primary care physicians encounter patients with arrhythmia symptoms, heart failure, and syncope and must determine if patients are at risk of life-threatening arrhythmias or may otherwise benefit from referral to cardiologists or electrophysiologists. A lack of familiarity with current clinical guidelines regarding ICD implantation exists, and primary care physicians were found to be less aware of clinical guidelines than cardiologists. This finding highlights the need to improve knowledge and competence among primary care physicians and cardiologists as it relates to current diagnosis and treatment guidelines for arrhythmia patients.

The California Heart Rhythm Symposium aims to bring together leaders in the field of cardiac arrhythmias to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the latest advances in the field with practicing cardiac electrophysiologists, cardiologists, internists and allied professionals. The conference will highlight how understanding of basic mechanisms and new advances are translated into clinical practice and explore how clinical problems have created new avenues for research and therapeutics. The program agenda and registration information are available online.