This unique, interactive meeting brings together leading experts in cardiovascular clinical trials to discuss the challenges faced by investigators, industry, regulators, and academics. By far, CVCT provides the best annual update and in-depth understanding of the trials shaping the evidence base of modern cardiology, and is an excellent training ground for young trialists.

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The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) strives to improve the health of patients with heart rhythm disorders through education, research, and advocacy. HRS is a recognized leader for information and resources on heart rhythm disorders. Patients with heart rhythm disorders, as well as the health care professionals who treat them, recognize and use the Society as a primary source for current information and connection with others.

May 10, 2018—The statement, accompanied by an editorial, captures the proceedings of the 2017 Leadership Summit on Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities: Communications Strategies for Clinicians and Patients that was attended by patient representatives, subject matter experts, the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) and American College of Cardiology (ACC) leadership, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials, and leadership from CIED manufacturers with the goal of developing patient-centered communication strategies for health care professionals, industry, and governmental agencies. The document outlines four key communication themes: when to notify patients, whom to notify, how to communicate with patients, and what elements to discuss with patients. 

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum to foster an exchange of innovative ideas and high-quality collaborative research and to allow attendees to draw on the experiences of the leaders and innovators in order to continually advance the field of pediatric and adult congenital electrophysiology.

The Heart Rhythm Society's Annual Board Review Course is the preferred resource for physicians seeking a comprehensive review of content focused on preparation for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) certification and recertification examinations in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. Board Review Course also provides preparation for the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners (IBHRE) exams for electrophysiology (CEPS) and device (CCDS) certification. The course is led by internationally recognized faculty members and offers attendees a chance to review the essential exam areas described in the ABIM blueprint in both didactic and case-based forms. For those not preparing for an exam, the course provides an excellent update and overview of cardiac electrophysiology. 

Stanford Biodesign New Arrhythmia Technologies Retreat will highlight, in a single day, the latest and emerging technologies in arrhythmia therapy. The Retreat is designed to serve as an expert forum of 50 key thought leaders and innovators to share their ideas about new and emerging technologies in arrhythmia management and diagnosis. Physicians and scientists will be asked to give brief talks about the emerging developments in their field, the key needs in cardiac arrhythmias in their area of expertise, and the likely solutions in the next 5 years. A speed-dating format will be used to highlight start-up companies in the field. Start-up innovators will have the opportunity to speak about the start-up and medical device innovation process.