General Questions

What is FHRS?

Where can I find a list of current FHRS members?

Why become FHRS?

What are the benefits of FHRS membership?


FHRS Application Criteria

Who can apply for FHRS? What are the criteria?

I am an electrophysiologist who trained in Canada but I have ABIM/AOBIM certification in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. Which criteria should I use?

I am a pediatric electrophysiologist who practices outside of the United States. Which criteria should I use?

I am a U.S. physician but am not certified by ABIM/AOBIM in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. Which criteria should I use?

Can I apply at any time of the year?

May new FHRS members write sponsorship letters?

Where should sponsorship letters be sent? What should be included? Should they be mailed with the application or separately?

What is IBHRE certification?

After I submit my application, when will I receive updates about its progress?

None of the FHRS application pathways seem to fit my background. Am I ineligible?



What are the annual dues fees for FHRS membership?

Upon becoming an FHRS member, when will I be billed at the FHRS dues rate?

If my application is declined, will I receive a refund for the application processing fee?

If I am a physician but apply for FHRS using the scientist and physician researcher criteria, will my member category and dues change?

I have recently been accepted as a Fellow. When does my FHRS membership begin?


FHRS Membership

Do I have to attend the induction to become an FHRS member?

Does FHRS membership expire? Will I need to be recertified?

What happens if I allow my HRS membership to lapse? Must I reapply for FHRS?

What happens if I allow my medical certifications (such as ABIM/AOBIM CCEP) to lapse?