Together We Stand in Service to All Communities

Dear Colleagues,

Across the US and around the globe, people are witness to the tragic outcomes of systematic racism and their collective voices are calling out to demand change and an end to the ensuing injustices and acts of violence that have penetrated our society. As health care providers, we have dedicated our lives to caring for our fellow human beings. Therefore, we are compelled to speak out against any treatment resulting in unacceptable disparities that marginalize, disadvantage, and harm the vulnerable among us. We understand that these are uncomfortable truths, highlighted by recent senseless and tragic acts of inhumanity occurring on the backdrop of the disproportionate harm posed by COVID-19 to black and disadvantaged communities.

The Heart Rhythm Society stands united with other leading health organizations in condemning any acts of discrimination based on race, religion, gender, country of origin and sexual orientation. As EP professionals, we recognize and acknowledge the profound negative impact that structural racism and societal inequities have on the health and wellbeing of our patients and our members. As a Society, we plan to redouble our efforts to advocate for diversity at all levels throughout our organization. Together, we must work tirelessly to reduce inequalities in health care delivery and access to accomplish our vision to end death and suffering due to heart rhythm disorders.

Together we stand in service to all communities. Together we are HRS.

Christine Albert, MD
Heart Rhythm Society

Patricia Blake, CAE
Heart Rhythm Society

Diversity Equity Inclusion Statement

HRS stakeholders share a common passion for accomplishing our mission to end death and suffering from heart rhythm disorders.

We believe our diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests are assets in reaching that goal, and we are committed to providing an inclusive environment in all our activities, where everyone feels valued, respected, and welcome.

We strive to have organizational leaders who represent all aspects of our diversity and who promote the diversity, equity, and inclusion that are essential to our success.