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The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) is a 501(c)(3) international nonprofit organization. Founded in 1979, HRS is a leading resource on cardiac pacing and electrophysiology. Our specialty organization represents medical, allied health, and science professionals from more than 90 countries who specialize in cardiac rhythm disorders.


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Empowering the Future: Join Our Mission in Electrophysiology Excellence

HRS is embarking on a mission to create unparalleled opportunities for deserving fellows in electrophysiology. Join the Society in reaching its $50,000 goal, enabling HRS to grant travel awards to talented fellows aspiring to attend our annual meeting. Your support will foster a collaborative environment, propelling the future of electrophysiology forward.

Empowering the Future: Join Our Mission in Electrophysiology Excellence


The Heart Rhythm Society’s growing family of journals now includes Heart Rhythm, Heart Rhythm Case Reports, Heart Rhythm O2, and Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal. The newest journals are gold open access, online only publications and are now indexed on PubMed Central.

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The Heart Rhythm Society is the international leader in science, education, and advocacy for cardiac arrhythmia professionals and patients — representing professionals in over 70 countries worldwide.


Education and Events

Heart Rhythm Society education provides premier education courses related to cardiac electrophysiology for both physicians and allied professionals. The Society's certified professional education courses awarding CME/CE credits are known for their comprehensive content and internationally-recognized faculty members. 

#HRS2021 Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Session

Patient Resources

All HRS patient resource content can now be found at the Society's patient and caregiver resource center, UpBeat.org.

Patient Resources: UpBeat.org