Disclosure Policy

The Heart Rhythm Society is committed to upholding the highest ethical values and to encourage professional and principled behavior by its staff and volunteers. Each trustee, committee member, officer and staff member receives a copy of the Society’s ethics policy, which they are required to read and acknowledge in writing. Conflict of interest disclosure statements are filed annually by volunteers and senior staff, and are subject to random auditing by the Ethics Oversight Committee.


Disclosure of Faculty's Industry Relationships


Faculty Disclosure
The Heart Rhythm Society maintains a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards and an Ethics Committee that oversees disclosure and conflict of interest policies to safeguard the credibility and reputation of the Society.

It is the policy of the Heart Rhythm Society to uphold the highest ethical values and to encourage professional and principled behavior by our volunteers, faculty participants, and staff.  The Code is binding on all volunteers, faculty participants, and staff. It requires you to avoid conflicts between your personal, professional, or business interests and the interests of the Society.

Heart Rhythm Society requires faculty and other individuals who are in a position to control the content of CME activities to disclose any real or apparent conflict of interest they may have as related to the content of the activity. All identified conflicts of interest are thoroughly vetted by HRS for fair balance, scientific objectivity of studies mentioned in the materials or used as the basis for content, and appropriateness of patient care recommendations.

Heart Rhythm Society is committed to the provision of CME that is balanced, objective, and evidence based. In accordance with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support, Heart Rhythm Society requires that faculty participating in CME activities disclose to the audience any significant relationship they may have with a pharmaceutical or medical equipment company or service that may be mentioned as part of their presentation, as well as any relationship with the commercial support of this activity.

Category Description

A. Consulting Fees/Honoraria: Honoraria from a third party, gifts or in-kind compensation for consulting, lecturing, speaking engagements, advisory board, or membership, legal testimony or consultation (e.g., expert witness), or other purpose.  Disclosure of travel or related expenses for industry-sponsored meetings is strongly encouraged, and expected for those who practice in jurisdictions that require such reporting.

B. Speaker’s Bureau*: When a company has the right to dictate or control the content of the presentation or talk, and/or the company creates the presentation material and has final approval of the content and edits, and/or you are expected to act as a company’s agent or spokesperson for the purpose of disseminating company or product information.

C. Equity Interests/Stock Options - Non-Public: Includes equity interests and any stock or stock options for a non-publicly traded company.

D. Equity Interests/Stock Options – Public: Includes any equity interests and any stock or stock options for a publicly traded and financially relevant company.

E. Royalty Income: The right to receive current or future royalties under a license or copyright.

F. Non-Royalty Payments: Non-Royalty Payments or entitlements to payments in connection with the activity that are not directly related to the reasonable costs of that activity.

G. Officer, Trustee, Director, Committee Chair, or Any Other Fiduciary Role: Officer, Trustee, Director, Committee Chair, or Any Other Fiduciary Role of a relevant for-profit or non-profit organization, whether or not remuneration is received for service.

H. Ownership/Partnership/Principal: Status or position of Ownership/Partnership/Principal in an entity excluding mutual diversified funds.

I. Research Grants** : Grants received from or submitted to industry, foundation, or government sources if you are a PI or co-PI, or receive salary support.

J. Fellowship Support: Fellowship Support

K. Salary: Salary or position funding (partial or full) or “in-kind” support of program.

L. Intellectual Property Rights: Including patent or other intellectual property in a for-profit corporation, manifested in a tangible form that can be legally protected whether or not such rights are currently commercialized via a license agreement or other means (e.g., patent, trademark, or copyright).1

M. Other: Other relevant relationships not described above must be disclosed.

N. For Board Members Only: Family Relationships with another member of the Board (please specify) 

O. For Board Members Only: Business Relationships with another member of the Board (please specify) 

*ACCME-accredited programs do NOT have to be disclosed due to firewall restrictions between industry and program content.

** From a commercial interest whether compensated or uncompensated or government or nonprofit interest. Includes principal investigator, investigator, steering committee member, collaborator or consultant and pending grants as well as grants already awarded or received. Also includes receipt of drugs, supplies, equipment or other in-kind support over which you have direct decision-making responsibility.

intellectual property is defined as property from original thought protected by law: original creative work