Member Categories

Membership is open to physicians, scientists, nurses, technicians and other allied professionals whose careers demonstrate a commitment to EP and/or pacing.

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Categories and Costs of Heart Rhythm Society Membership 


Physicians or physician-scientists with an earned academic degree (MD or equivalent). Specialty Board Certification is encouraged.

  Practicing in the US Practicing outside the US / International
In training (e.g., fellow in cardiology or EP program) Complimentary Affiliate Complimentary Affiliate
One year out of training $210 $152
Two years out of training $419 $304
More than two years out of training $635 $460

Still in training? Learn if you are eligible for complimentary Affiliate membership .

One or two years out of training? Apply for Early Career membership .

See also information regarding Industry Employees .

Allied Health Professional

Professionals who are actively involved with the technical aspect of pacemakers/ICDs, or the performance of electrophysiologic techniques and who are employed by a clinical practice setting, academic institution or equivalent.

(US $129; International $90; Industry Employees )


Scientists who have an earned an academic degree that reflects scientific training (e.g., Ph.D., EngScD) and hold a faculty position or the equivalent in an academic institution.

(US $295; International $215)

Still in training or a postdoc? You may be eligible for complimentary Affiliate membership .

See also information regarding Industry Employees .

Note: Membership dues for the Heart Rhythm Society are reviewed annually by the Board of Trustees and may be subject to change.