Affiliate Membership

Affiliate membership is free to individuals who are enrolled in an approved electrophysiology or cardiology training program.



Affiliate members must: 

  1. have received no more than three years of previous complimentary membership (five years if enrolled in a US EP training program), and
  2. fall into one of the two categories below:
    • Physician-in-Training — MD or equivalent enrolled in ACGME cardiology or EP training program, or equivalent.
    • Scientist-in-Training — Graduate student (non-MD, or equivalent) or post-doctoral fellow actively involved in research training.

Application Process

To apply for complimentary Affiliate membership, please submit the following materials:

  1. Curriculum vitae/résumé/biosketch
  2. Confirmation of training* via a letter or email to from your training program director verifying enrollment in a fellowship training program.
    NOTE: This message must include an estimated training completion date. When you apply online, you will be able to enter your program director's information in order to have our system send an email to him/her requesting confirmation.

* Training confirmation is submitted in lieu of payment. 

(login or account creation required)


Maintaining Affiliate Membership

Fellows who extend training or end one training program may request continuation of Affiliate membership (maximum of three years from start of Affiliate membership, or five years if enrolled in a US EP training program).

To maintain Affiliate membership, resubmit a completed and signed Fellowship Confirmation Form or email to from your training program director to verify participation in an eligible program. The form or letter must indicate the month and year that the new/extended fellowship is scheduled to end.


General Information

Complimentary Affiliate memberships conclude after completion of training, for a maximum of three years. If you are still enrolled in a US EP training program then the maximum is five years.

Upon membership expiration, the Society will automatically convert your membership to the applicable paid membership category. Affiliate members will receive an invoice and must then pay dues to become Physician/Scientist Members, or resubmit a signed Fellowship Confirmation Form  or email to from their training program director to request an extension. Failure to pay dues within 90 days will result in membership suspension.

Affiliates have the same benefits and privileges as other members except eligibility to hold office.

Affiliate memberships are partially supported by an educational grant from Medtronic Corporation and may be subject to the reporting requirements outlined in the National Physician Payment Transparency Program.



Visit our Membership FAQs  or contact the Membership Hotline at  or 202-464-9855.