HRS Clinical Document Methodology

Access the Executive Summary and the Full Clinical Document Development Methodology Manual and Policies

The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) has been developing clinical practice documents in collaboration and partnership with other professional medical societies since 1996. The HRS formed a Scientific and Clinical Documents Committee (SCDC) with the sole purpose of managing the development of these documents from conception through publication. The SCDC oversees the process for developing clinical practice documents, with input and approval from the HRS Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees. As of September 2017, the HRS has produced more than 80 publications with other professional organizations. The HRS Clinical Document Development Methodology Manual and Policies transparently declares the standards by which the HRS develops clinical practice documents, which include clinical practice guidelines, expert consensus statements, scientific statements, clinical competency statements, task force policy statements, and proceedings statements.

The foundation for this process is informed by the Institute of Medicine’s standards for developing trustworthy clinical practice guidelines; the new criteria from the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, effective June 2014; SCDC member discussions; and a review of guideline policies and methodologies used by other professional organizations.


The following stages make up the HRS clinical document development process:

  • Topic identification
  • Formation of the writing committee
  • Scope refinement
  • Review of the evidence
  • Development of recommendations and supporting text
  • Public comment
  • Scientific and Clinical Documents Committee review and HRS review
  • External review
  • HRS endorsement and external society endorsement
  • Publication and presentation of the document


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Volunteer with clinical documents: Contact us at  if you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer or writing group member for future clinical documents. Please include your areas of expertise and CV.