HRS-Endorsed Clinical Documents

The following documents were developed by other organizations and were reviewed and endorsed or affirmed by the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS). In some cases, the HRS provided a representative to the initiative, which is indicated in the supporting text on the website and within the document. Documents methodology of which fully adheres to the HRS development methodology may be fully endorsed.

Documents developed by external organizations that employ a methodology that is substantially different than that used by the HRS will be considered for affirmation of value. The HRS may not agree with every recommendation in such a document, but overall considers the document of educational value to its members. The full process and policy are further articled in the process manual.

Featured Clinical Documents

31108 Occupational Radiation Exposure in the Electrophysiology Laboratory with a Focus on Personnel with Reproductive Potential and During Pregnancy: 2017 EHRA Consensus Document

The Heart Rhythm Society endorsed the document on July 11, 2017

November 6, 2017—The purpose of this document as an adjunct to the EHRA practical guide, issued in 2014 on ways to reduce radiation dose for patients and staff during electrophysiological procedures, is to describe the current knowledge on the risks and to inform about current international recommendations and legislation on occupational exposure in the electrophysiology laboratory to personnel with childbearing potential and during pregnancy.

Download the PDF 537.91 kB

31110 2017 Antithrombotic Therapy in Atrial Fibrillation Associated with Valvular Heart Disease: A Joint Consensus Document from EHRA and ESC Working Group on Thrombosis

The Heart Rhythm Society affirmed the value of the document on June 8, 2017.

August 30, 2017—This consensus document, featuring the Executive Summary,  was developed by the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Working Group on Thrombosis, with representation from the ESC Working Group on Valvular Heart Disease, Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS), South African Heart Association (SA Heart), and SOLAECE, and addresses management of patients with atrial fibrillation and associated valvular heart disease (VHD), with up-to-date consensus recommendations for clinical practice for different forms of VHD.