As a nonprofit organization, the Heart Rhythm Society exists in part due to generous donations from individuals like you. We hope you will consider one of the many ways to donate to HRS and in turn play a vital role in our vision to end death and suffering due to heart rhythm disorders. 

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Our Supporters

The Heart Rhythm Society is honored to acknowledge and thank the many donors who have chosen to support the Society through philanthropic giving.

How To Give

The Heart Rhythm Society offers three ways to make a gift: online, phone, or postal mail.

What to Give

Make a gift in recognition of the life and work of someone close to you and create a lasting tribute to the person honored or memorialized.

Honor Your Mentor

Through philanthropy we reaffirm our commitment to the future of our profession. The Honor Your Mentor Program allows us to celebrate our community by publicly expressing gratitude for the influential figures who shape our lives and careers.

Heart Rhythm Society Disclosure Statement

Financial and other information about Heart Rhythm Society, Inc.'s purpose, programs and activities can be obtained by contacting us at 1325 G Street, NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20005, 202-464-3400.