Partner with HRS

The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) offers a number of ways for organizations to engage in the development of programs and resources that serve our members and the patients they treat.  It is through this generous corporate support that HRS is able to offer value that reaches beyond our membership and impact the health and well being of the general public.


The Society has numerous opportunities for industry to validate and expand their brand. The HRS Licensing Program provides an avenue for companies to have their non-branded educational products reviewed by a panel of experts in the field for a "stamp of approval", the use of the HRS logo, and co-promotional activities.


Looking to promote your company's newest product? Explore using the HeartRhythm Journal. This is the go to place for professionals treating cardiac arrhythmias.

Infinity Circle

Collaboration with industry is a cornerstone of our field, stimulating scientific and technological advances that further our profession and improve patient care. The Heart Rhythm Society’s Infinity Circle program recognizes the significant ongoing contributions of industry partners who help fund a wide range of Heart Rhythm Society initiatives and programs that benefit heart rhythm professionals and their patients.

Educational Programming

HRS takes pride in developing the highest level of educational programming for its physicians and allied health professionals. Content for the Society's certified and non-certified education is developed and maintained by internationally-recognized faculty members. Recent initiatives have included the EP on Point Webinar Series and the Heart Rhythm Society Learning Center.

UpBeat - Patient and Caregiver Resources

UpBeat connects patients, caregivers, and health care professionals to form a united team. This resource provides a wealth of information on heart rhythm disorders, early warning signs, common treatments, lifestyle, and more.

Practice & Guidance

The Society sets standards for heart rhythm care and ensures appropriate reimbursement for electrophysiology services. The Society also authors and/or endorses scientific and clinical documents that provide three main components vital to advancements in the field: analysis, discussion of current issues, and suggestions for clinical application.

Science & Research

The Society is committed to facilitating the funding research through partnerships with industry and believes that a greater emphasis on basic and translational research is essential for its long-term success as the preeminent organization promoting innovative patient care.