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Advertising Opportunities

Looking to promote your company's newest product? Explore using the Heart Rhythm Society's family of journals to increase awareness and consideration. These publications are go-to resources for professionals treating cardiac arrhythmias.

Heart Rhythm Journal

Heart Rhythm Journal is the only electrophysiology (EP) publication serving the entire EP community from basic to clinical academic researchers, private practitioners, technicians, industry, and trainees. Heart Rhythm Journal addresses a broad range of topics that affect the EP community focusing on original research and therapy of heart rhythm disorders, including mechanisms and electrophysiology, both clinical and experimental, genetics, ablation, devices, drugs, and surgery. For advertising opportunities, please visit the Heart Rhythm Journal media kit page.

Heart Rhythm O2

Heart Rhythm O2 is a new gold open access journal established by the Heart Rhythm Society as a companion publication to the Heart Rhythm Journal. For advertising opportunities, please visit the Heart Rhythm O2media kit page.

Heart Rhythm Case Reports

Heart Rhythm Case Reports provides rapid online publication of the most important, current case reports, illustrations, and educational vignettes in the field of cardiac arrhythmias and electrophysiology. For advertising opportunities, please visit the Heart Rhythm Case Reports media kit page

Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal

The Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal is a new peer-reviewed, open-access journal. This new publication focuses on the rapidly emerging field of digital medicine across all areas of cardiology. We serve the global digital health, clinical, and wider health communities in the entire field of cardiology by promoting high-quality science and supporting the ethical use of technologies and data in practice. For advertising opportunities, please visit the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal media kit page.