Strategic Plan | Heart Rhythm Society

Strategic Plan

The Heart Rhythm Society Strategic Plan provides guidance on the Society's programs, products, and services for the next three to four years (implemented October 2020).

Vision: To end death and suffering due to heart rhythm disorders.

Mission: To improve the care of patients by promoting research, education, and optimal health care policies and standards.


Overview: In pursuit of its vision to end death and suffering due to heart rhythm disorders, HRS' overarching goals will be to:

Elevate Knowledge Architecture

HRS evolves as a career catalyst by offering the best in class source of electrophysiology and arrythmia knowledge.

Deliver Personalized Engagement

HRS grows and strengthens the arrythmia care community and its value by providing more engaging and considerate connections.

Innovation to Improve Patient Care

HRS emerges as the cardiology partner of choice for digital health, leverages funding to serve as an effective convener for the advancement of quality improvement practices and substantiates its position as the preferred community for arrhythmia research.

Expand Digital Reach

HRS emerges as the most trusted and pervasive source across digital touchpoints to increase impact and diversify revenue.

Strategies and Objectives

The strategies HRS will pursue in support of its goals are:

Elevate Knowledge Architecture
  • Assess learning and knowledge gaps to understand needs of heart rhythm disorder health care providers.
  • Design a broad-based world-class education curriculum.
  • Deliver the innovative and world-renowned Scientific Sessions.
  • Bring innovation to the heart rhythm community through 4 HRS peer-reviewed journals.
  • Leverage member and volunteer relationships and strategic partnerships to discover new opportunities.
Deliver Personalized Engagement
  • Know our communities and their needs.
  • Build a stronger value proposition by applying the mindset and science of customer experience.
  • Enhance relationships within the HRS ecosystem to increase engagement with diverse communities (e.g. patients and caregivers, researchers, engineers and other relevant stakeholders).
Innovation to Improve Patient Care
  • Broaden adoption of evidence-based digital health technologies.
  • Align digital health practices with quality-driven patient outcomes.
  • Lead and partner in research initiatives to advance innovation in heart rhythm care.
  • Enhance member involvement in heart rhythm research & quality care delivery.
Expand Digital Reach
  • Identify and adopt best-in-class digitally delivered information resources to improve the user experience.
  • Become primary digital resource for EP research.
  • Recruit new users and retain current communities.
  • Foster a “digital first” mindset and culture.
  • Identify and invest in the technology required to expand digital reach.
  • Digitally connect the provider community with patients and caregivers to foster quality-driven patient care.