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AP Council

The HRS AP Council consists of the Society's allied health professional members who serve on committees and subcommittees.

Allied Professional Council

Allied health professionals have been core members of the Society since it was founded in 1979. Today, APs represent more than 1,500 of the Society’s 7,000+ members working worldwide toward our shared goal of ending death and suffering from heart rhythm disorders. 

The AP Council consists of allied professionals serving on committees and subcommittees, working groups, and task forces, and three to five at-large members. 

The purpose of the AP Council is to:

  • Identify areas where HRS can coordinate the talents and strengths of Allied Professionals to better meet the needs of the Society’s Strategic Plan, as well as the needs of Allied Professional members. 
  • Allow Allied Professional Trustees and committee members to organize, communicate, network and mentor potential Allied Professional leadership. 
  • Serve as the central resource to HRS leadership to identify Allied Professional members with the knowledge and skills to best contribute to emerging initiatives.  

Its key responsibilities include:

  • Creating a process to identify and mentor upcoming Allied Professional leadership.  
  • Developing strategies to recruit and retain Allied Professional members  
  • Recommending appropriate Allied Professional members for committees, working groups, and task forces 
  • Facilitating communication between Allied Professionals serving on committees

AP Council Members

The current members of the AP Council will serve through May 21, 2021. Please feel free to use the HRS Member Directory to reach out to Council members if you have questions about the Council, committee activities, or particular programs. We also encourage you to join the Allied Health Professionals Group on HRS Communities.

Brynn E. Dechert-Crooks, APN, FHRS, CCDS (Chair)
C.S. Mott Children`s Hospital 
Patients and Caregivers Committee

Salwa H. Beheiry, II, BSN, MSN, CCRN, RN (Vice Chair)

Kristen B. Campbell, PharmD 
Duke University Hospital 
Patient and Caregivers Committee

Scott J. Cox, MS, PAC, CEPS 
Main Line Health System 
CME Compliance Subcommittee

Elizabeth E. Davenport, BA, MSN, RN 
Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute 
Digital Health Committee

Martha G. Ferrara, DNP, FNP, FHRS, CCDS 
White Plains Hospital 
Education Programs and Services Subcommittee

Aileen M. Ferrick, PhD, ACNP, RN, FHRS 
Westchester Medical Center
Scientific and Clinical Documents Committee

Lynne D. Foreman, BSN, RN, FHRS 
Krannert Institute of Cardiology 
Nominations Subcommittee

Jacqueline Forman, MSN, CNS, RN 
St. Paul`s Hospital 
Scientific Sessions Program Committee

Jennifer Farnsworth Francis, MPH, NP 
Ochsner Medical Center 
Communications Committee

Margaret B. Harvey, PhD, ACNP 
UTHSC College of Nursing, UTMP Cardiology EP Division

Jeroen ML Hendriks, MS, PhD, RN 
Centre for Heart Rhythm Disorders, Flinders University & Royal Adelaide Hospital
Scientific Sessions Program Committee

Laura E. Horwood, MS, NP, CCDS 
University of Michigan

Marleen E. Irwin, RCVT, RRT, FHRS, CCDS 
University of Alberta 
Awards Subcommittee

Lyle W. Larson, PhD, PAC 
University of Washington 
Member Engagement Subcommittee

Nancy A. Lee, RN, FHRS, CCDS 
Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants 
Scientific Sessions Program Committee

Kathy A. Loveless, DNP, CEPS, CCDS 
Cardiac Rhythm Specialists 
Scientific Sessions Program Committee

Nathan Miller, BSN, RN 
St. Louis Children`s Hospital 
Patients and Caregivers Committee

Renny R Mullins 
Carient Heart & Vascular 
Member Engagement Subcommittee

David J. Orenstein, FHRS, CEPS, CCDS EPD 
Journal Subcommittee

Linda K. Ottoboni, PhD, CNS, FHRS, CCDS 
Stanford Healthcare 
Governance Committee

Stacy M. Poe, BSN, MS, MSN, ANP 
Cleveland Clinic 
Communications Committee

Laurel Kay Racenet, MSN, FNP, FHRS, CEPS, CCDS 
Alaska Heart and Vascular Institute
Quality Improvement Committee

Heather M. Ross, DNP, PhD, ANP, FHRS, CEPS, CCDS 
Arizona Arrhythmia Consultants 
Audit Committee

Julie B. Shea, MS, MSN, FHRS, CCDS 
Brigham and Women`s Hospital
Member Engagement Subcommittee

Amber Seiler, NP, FHRS, CEPS,CCDS 
Membership Committee

Susan L. Song, BSN, RN, FHRS 
Nominations Subcommittee

Julie Mary Thomas, PAC, CCDS
North Shore University Hospital/Northwell Health

Anthony Trela, NP, RN, FHRS, CCDS 
Lucile Packard Children`s Hospital 
Digital Health Committee

Angela Tsiperfal, ACNP, FHRS, CCDS 
Stanford Healthcare, Electrophisiology 
Membership Committee

Judy R. Walling, BSN, MSN, FNP 
Medical University of South Carolina, Cardiology 

Erica S. Zado, PAC, FHRS (HRS Board Liaison)
Hospital of the Univ of Pennsylvania