2011 Guidance for the Heart Rhythm Society Pertaining to Interactions with Industry

April 26, 2011On October 18, 2010, HRS convened the Relationships with Industry Task Force to consider whether it should continue to collaborate with industry, why collaboration may be important, and to set parameters around industry collaboration. The Task Force concluded that collaboration with industry on research and innovation is required to achieve HRS’s mission. Nevertheless, because the potential for actual or perceived bias or conflict of interest does exist, it is necessary to establish strict ethical standards to protect the credibility of HRS and its members.

Clinical EP

The policies referred to in this document pertain to HRS as an organization and individuals in their roles as leaders of the organization, committee members, task force members, writing groups, or faculty in HRS-sponsored educational programs. It does not address the conduct of members outside their roles with HRS. This document represents the consensus conclusion of this Task Force and is endorsed by HRS Board of Trustees as official organization policy. It is divided into 11 sections: (1) Why Collaborate with Industry?; (2) Separation of Governance from Industry; (3) Perspectives on Industry Funding Accepted by HRS; (4) Disclosure of Relationships with Industry; (5) Research Grant Awards; (6) Continuing Medical Education (CME); (7) Non-CME Content; (8) Endorsement or Support of International Meetings; (9) Industry Relations and Health Policy; (10) Scientific and Clinical Documents; and (11) Publications.