Communities of Practice

HRS Communities is an online platform for members to engage, network, and share knowledge and best practices

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A Community of Practice is a group of Heart Rhythm Society members who come together to engage, network, and share knowledge and best practices with colleagues in similar areas of practice or who have common professional interests.

The platform that we use for these groups is HRS Communities, which provides discussion boards, group email, shared libraries, and a searchable member directory. Any member can view a group and choose to join it in order to participate in discussions. Group on HRS Communities allow members to:

  • Share ideas and innovative thinking
  • Engage with experts and key opinion leaders
  • Expand professional expertise and visibility within the Community and Society
  • Implement mission-driven activities
  • Provide feedback, ideas, and suggestions

Collaboration tools on HRS Communities include:

  • Online Discussion board
  • Group email
  • Library/Resource repository
  • Community calendar
  • Member directory

How are Groups Structured on HRS Communities?

A successful group is dependent on the engagement of its members. Communities are designed to be informal, open, and self-supporting. Some groups are guided by Planning Teams with members who help encourage discussion. Planning Team members are elected by members of the group.

How to Participate?

Joining a group is easy – simply visit the HRS Communities site (member login required) and join groups. Remember, you may participate in any group. 

Have more questions?

Visit the HRS Communities Frequently Asked Questions page.