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Heart Rhythm VR

Immersive virtual reality training for cardiac electrophysiology

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Heart Rhythm VR Virtual Reality Logoheart rhythm virtual reality training for cardiac electrophysiology

Introducing Heart Rhythm VR,* a collection of immersive virtual reality training experiences developed to provide health care professionals around the world the freedom to explore electrophysiology, advance their skills, and maximize their potential.

*Requires an Android-based virtual reality device such as Oculus Quest 2.

Developed in partnership with MedVR Education, the initial launch of Heart Rhythm VR will consist of three virtual reality courses:


  • Hands-on and highly engaging, which can lead to enhanced learning retention


  • Offers opportunity to make mistakes without risking the safety of patients


  • Allows trainees to interact with virtual patients and receive immediate feedback


  • Does not require expensive equipment and/or resources


  • Ability to experience a variety of clinical scenarios that are difficult to reproduce in real life

Boosts Confidence

  • Increases confidence and improves performance in real-life situations


  • Design and modify scenarios that meet the specific needs of an individual trainee


  • Available to trainees even in the most remote areas of the world

About MedVR Education

MedVR Education is a continuing education multidisciplinary XR platform designed to offer off-the-shelf and customized VR training programs in the field of patient care and healthcare management. MedVR’s mission is to develop and build a well-trained, strong, and confident healthcare workforce that is ready to face real-world challenges.