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CCEP Program Director Resources

Up-to-date documents related to accreditation of CCEP Fellowship training programs, including the COCATS 4 recommendations, 2020 ACGME Milestones, and ACGME program requirements.

Core Cardiovascular Training Statement (COCATS)

COCATS outlines recommended training requirements for adult cardiovascular medicine fellowship programs.

Each COCATS Task Force Report covers a specific field of competency in cardiovascular disease, includes curricular content (milestones) within each domain, and lists potential evaluation tools.

COCATS 4 Task Force 11: Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Management, Cardiac Pacing, and Electrophysiology

ERAS Participating CCEP Programs

All current ERAS-participating CCEP programs can be viewed here. CCEP is in a 12-month July ERAS cycle. Please make sure your program status is up to date. Call the ERAS Help Desk at 202-828-0413 for assistance.

Advanced Training Statement (2015)

This Advanced Training Statement addresses the added competencies required of sub subspecialists in CCEP for the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disturbances at a high level of skill. An update is currently in progress.

CVD to CCEP Competency-Based Alternative Training Pathway

ACGME recently approved a pilot program for the Cardiovascular Disease and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Competency-Based Alternative Training Pathway. The overarching goal of this pathway is to introduce a tailored, competency-based cardiovascular disease (CVD) curriculum to select trainees, fostering early career focus in clinical cardiac electrophysiology (CCEP) during the third year of CVD training. This will result in the completion of training in both specialties in four years (rather than five years as currently required). Twenty pilot programs have been selected and will enroll fellows in 2023.

Heart Rhythm TV

Heart Rhythm TV (HRStv) is the flagship YouTube channel of the Heart Rhythm Society, featuring breaking news, highlights from events, including the Society's annual Heart Rhythm meeting, and series content such as EP on EP, Expert Perspectives, and more.

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