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CMS Releases 2024 MIPS Quality Measure Benchmarks

In late January 2024, CMS released historical quality measure benchmarks that will be used to evaluate physician performance under the 2024 MIPS program.

Regulatory Updates

The historical quality measure benchmarks are now available for download through a new CMS webpage: Quality measure benchmarks are used by CMS to determine how many points MIPS participants earn on a specific quality measure. Most measures have historical benchmarks, which are updated every year and based on performance from two years prior (i.e., the 2024 historical benchmark file is based on performance data from 2022).

Whenever possible, CMS uses historical benchmarks to score physicians under MIPS so that physicians have a target to aim for during the performance year. However, if CMS is unable to calculate a historical benchmark for any given measure (e.g., due to insufficient data collected two years prior), an attempt will be made to calculate a performance year benchmark. Since CMS cannot calculate performance year benchmarks until after the close of the performance period, it cannot release these benchmarks to physicians ahead of time.

It is important to review the 2024 historical benchmarks early in the MIPS performance year. Note that some measures do not have benchmarks, while others are topped out or subject to other scoring limitations. This information is important for practices to consider when planning their 2024 MIPS reporting strategy.  More information about the 2024 MIPS historical quality benchmarks is available for download in the 2024 Quality Benchmarks User Guide.

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