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Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA)

As the EP profession looks forward to the use of PFA, several HRS leaders from the Quality Improvement Committee, HPRAC, AF Centers of Excellence Task Force and Board of Trustees crafted a “Viewpoint” article to encourage discussion regarding relevant scientific, clinical, operational, and fiscal challenges that may lie ahead.

Reimbursement Updates

Published in Heart Rhythm Journal, the article investigates the potential promise of PFA.

In addition, the HPRAC has drafted a position statement and a letter template to support pre-authorization requests for appeal coverage denials for use of PFA technology for atrial fibrillation. The decision to use PFA or another ablation energy source as an appropriate treatment pathway should be made between the physician and patient for the best care and improved outcomes. 

The HPRAC also suggests that administrators consider including the cost of PFA technology in their payor contracts to ensure appropriate reimbursement. The Society will continue to keep its members and the provider community abreast of reimbursement policy considerations and issues for PFA to ensure the safest, most effective treatments are available to heart rhythm patients worldwide.

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