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Indiana Rep. Bucshon, MD to Retire from Congress

Rep. Larry Bucshon, MD (R-Ind.) recently announced plans to retire at the end of this year. Rep. Bucshon, a cardiothoracic surgeon, has served in the House of Representatives since 2011. He also is a member of the GOP Doctors Caucus, and a senior member of the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Legislative Updates

During his time in Congress, Bucshon has been a champion of diagnostics reform legislation (the VALID Act) as well as other bipartisan health measures, including proposals related to the Medicare physician reimbursement system. 

While Bucshon has stated that he does not plan to return to the practice of medicine after leaving Capitol Hill, he does hope to find a role that allows him to continue influencing national health care policy. One of his goals before the end of his term is to encourage more doctors to practice in rural America, and to increase Medicare physician reimbursement. 

“Rural America, under-served America, right now it’s difficult to get providers to practice there and to take Medicare because of low reimbursement rates,” Bucshon stated. “We want to make sure those are adequate so we can get doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners back into rural America because those citizens deserve good health care close to home.”

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