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Clinical Document Topic Nomination

The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) is dedicated to developing clinical practice documents that not only guide our profession but also reflect the most current and pressing needs of our EP community.

Topic Identification and Prioritization

The Scientific & Clinical Documents Committee oversees the identification and prioritization of clinical practice document. Throughout the year, the committee collects ideas for document topics that are of interest to our members and for any potential gaps in our existing practice documents. Then the committee reviews and prioritizes the list of submitted topics to ensure that the Society’s documents are timely, relevant, and impactful:

  1. Call for Topics: Each year, the Scientific & Clinical Documents Committee invites Society members to submit their most pressing topic ideas. This open invitation ensures the Society's clinical practice documents reflect the current needs and interests of our EP community. Submissions are made via a user-friendly online form, allowing everyone a chance to contribute.
  2. Review and Consolidation: The committee meticulously reviews all submissions against a range of factors, such as scope, timeliness, evidence base, and potential for global collaboration. This step ensures we focus on topics that advance the EP field and align with the Society’s strategic plan.
  3. Topic Championship: From the pool of suggestions, 8-10 topics are selected for further exploration. Committee members become "Topic Champions," advocating for the topics through research and presentation. This stage is vital for assessing the relevance and timeliness of each topic, as well as identifying potential leaders and collaborators in the field.
  4. Finalize Selection: Finally, using a structured rank voting process, the committee members prioritize the topics that align closely with our society's objectives and the needs of the heart rhythm community. The top-ranked topics are developed into proposals and submitted to the Executive Committee/Board of Trustees for final review and approval.

This process ensures that our documents are not only a reflection of our EP community's current needs but are also positioned to have a lasting impact on the field of heart rhythm management.

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