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Health Policy

HRS promotes high-quality patient care, and represents the legal, advocacy, regulatory, clinical, and basic research interests and educational goals of heart rhythm specialists.

Health policy efforts include:

  • advocating for standards around the study, treatment, management, and physician reimbursement/coding for cardiac rhythm disorders
  • communicating with CMS, FDA, NIH, Congress 
  • promoting optimal patient care


Join your colleagues in San Francisco or online to exchange, discuss, and debate the latest ground-breaking science. You can find the Quality Improvement program through downloading the mobile app or using the online planner. 

Sex and Gender in Cardiac Implantable Device Development - On Demand

The US FDA will present challenges and opportunities to enhance inclusion of women in device development.

Digital Health and the Future of Personalized Healthcare

Learn about the current digital health landscape (e.g., wearable technology, CIED remote programming) and regulatory processes for evaluating the safety of remote monitoring/programming.

Join us at 8 - 9 am (Pacific) on Fri, Apr 29

EP Devices: Utilization, Complications, and Safety Advisories

Learn about EP device issues ranging from LAAO complications, CRT-D utilization, CIED recalls, and the learning curve for catheter ablation.

Join us at 9:15 - 10:15 am (Pacific) on Sat, Apr 30

Device Advisories and the Recent Battery of Battery Problems

Why do battery failures occur, when do they lead to CIED recalls, and how can you monitor patients with an affected device?

Join us at 10 - 11 am (Pacific) on Sat, Apr 30 

Treating AFib: Care Pathways, and the Effect of Bleeding Events, Sex, and BMI on Outcomes

Learn about a treatment algorithm for patients seen in the ED with AF, and examine AF outcomes in women, in obese patients, and in patients bleeding events.

Join us at 2:15 - 3:15 pm (Pacific) on Sat, Apr 30 

The "How To" and "What To Know" for a Successful EP Practice

Discuss everyday practical issues that clinical EPs face, such as implementing SDM into the workflow, getting preauthorization for procedures, and advocating to hospital administration.

Join us at 1 - 2 pm (Pacific) on Sun, May 1

Health Policy Poster Sessions

Featured Posters: Health Policy at Abstract Pavilion Pod 14

12:30 - 2:30 pm (Pacific)

Fri, Apr 29


Abstract Pavilion Pod 09

10 am - 12 pm (Pacific)

Sat, Apr 30


Abstract Pavilion Pod 09

12:30 - 2:30 pm (Pacific)

Sun, May 1


Catheter Ablation and Health Policy at Abstract Pavilion Pod 15

12:30 - 2:30 pm (Pacific)

Sun, May 1