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FHRS for Pediatric Electrophysiologists

Pediatric Electrophysiologists

FHRS eligibility criteria and application for pediatric electrophysiologists.

The Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS) credential exemplifies advanced training, certification and commitment to the field of electrophysiology. FHRS will help to distinguish you among health care providers and researchers for your advanced training, certification, and commitment to the field of electrophysiology. It will clarify the referral process and serve as a credential for quality care among health care providers, patients, the media, and government. As a result, it will help you to publicize your skill in the treatment and/or research of heart rhythm disorders.

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Application Materials
  • Application Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions about FHRS

Eligibility Criteria

Note: Pediatric electrophysiologists (EPs) who practice outside of the United States may also apply using the criteria for International Electrophysiologists. To meet the criteria for Fellowship in the Heart Rhythm Society as an Pediatric EP, you must*:

  1. Hold current membership with the Heart Rhythm Society as a Physician member.
  2. Hold current certification in Pediatric Cardiology
  3. Have had at least 12 months of training in a Pediatric EP fellowship or have begun Pediatric EP practice prior to January 1, 2000
  4. Hold current IBHRE certification
  5. Devote at least 75 percent of your clinical practice to the treatment of heart rhythm disorders.

Application Materials

  1. A completed application form
  2. A letter by you documenting how you meet the eligibility criteria
  3. A copy of your Curriculum vitae, resume, or biosketch
  4. Two letters of support from current FHRS members

Application Process

Completed applications from eligible candidates are considered by the Member Relations Committee. Please allow approximately four weeks for the Committee to consider your request. Applications are accepted and considered throughout the year. FHRS status is conferred immediately upon approval by the Member Relations Committee. The deadline for submitting a completed FHRS application in time for recognition at the upcoming Scientific Sessions is March 31. After that date, you can be approved for FHRS status but it may be too late for recognition at Scientific Sessions..

* The Society recognizes that we have a diverse membership with a variety of training and career paths. If you do not appear to be eligible for FHRS but would still like to be considered, you may petition the Member Relations Committee for review. Please contact membership@HRSonline.org for details.


Frequently Asked Questions about FHRS

Have questions? Try our FHRS FAQ page or contact membership@HRSonline.org