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Leadership and Education for Allied Professionals (LEAP)

Program Description

Leadership and Education for Allied Professionals (LEAP)The HRS Leadership and Education for Allied Professionals (LEAP) Program offers HRS allied professional members an opportunity to enhance and energize their leadership and career development skills through education, coaching, and building professional networks. The purpose of LEAP is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to enhance the path to leadership within HRS and academic or private practice medicine. Topics covered will range from strategic communication skills, and negotiation practices to management issues, and conflict resolution skills.

The LEAP program will address allied professional opportunities and challenges within the context of a heart rhythm career and will help participants put effective, collaborative methods of leadership to work within their organizations and HRS. Participants will focus on developing their own leadership skills and personal influence as well as explore strategies for goal development and advancement strategies. The 2020-2022 LEAP program is led by Chair Jill Schaeffer MSN, CRNP, FHRS, CEPS, CCDS, and Vice-Chair Amber Seiler, NP, FHRS, CEPS, CCDS.

Inaugural Class 

Participants have been selected for the inaugural class. Due to COVID, the 2020-2021 program has been delayed and will now conclude in May 2022.

Future Applications

Applications for the 2022-2023 class will open in Fall 2021. Successful candidates are Allied members who have the potential and desire to commit time and energy into developing their own leadership skills. The program will require both an investment from the individual and support from their organization. The LEAP Chair and Vice-Chair will review the candidates and select up to 20 participants each year.

Questions can be emailed to LEAP@hrsonline.org.