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Membership Types

Membership is open to physicians, scientists, nurses, technicians and other allied professionals whose careers demonstrate a commitment to EP and/or pacing. 


Physicians or physician-scientists with an earned academic degree (MD or equivalent). Specialty Board Certification is encouraged. Trainee members must be enrolled in an approved training program.


Trainee membership is free to physicians who have completed medical school and are in training programs as interns, residents or fellows, and scientists who are involved in postgraduate training or research,

Digital Physician Membership

Digital Physician Membership is available for physicians who live outside the United States. It provides a core set of online benefits for $310-- a 33% discount off our regular physician membership rate.

Allied Professional

Allied Health Professional membership is for those who are not physicians and are actively involved with the technical aspect of pacemakers/ICDs, or the performance of electrophysiologic techniques, and who are employed by a clinical practice setting, academic institution or equivalent.


Individuals with a PhD or Eng SCD degree (or equivalent) who have completed training, have an interest in pacing and/or cardiac electrophysiology, and hold a faculty position in an academic institution or its equivalent.

Fellow of the Heart Rhythm Society

Fellowship in the Heart Rhythm Society (FHRS) will help to distinguish you among health care providers and researchers for your advanced training, certification, and commitment to the field of electrophysiology.

World Bank Discount

HRS offers special membership rates for those who live in countries that are classified as low or lower-middle income by the World Bank. New applicants receive free membership during their first year. After the first year, the discounts are 50% off of the international rates.


Membership for industry employees who are directly involved in education, research, engineering, and/or corporate leadership and are not chiefly responsible for sales/marketing.


Reserved for individuals who have been HRS members for 15 or more years (at least five of which were successive), have reached the age of 65, and have fully retired from active practice. The dues for this membership category are $100 per year.

Member Referral Program

A thriving membership is key to the success of the Society and its mission and peer-to-peer recruitment is the most effective means of growing membership. Tell your colleagues about the benefits of membership and encourage them to join the Society today!