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Industry employees with medical or research degrees can apply for Physician, Allied Health Professional, or Scientist membership. Those without medical or research degrees can apply for Affiliate membership.

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For the purpose of Society membership, “industry” is broadly defined as organizations or companies that manufacture or sell device, pharmaceutical, or other products or services. This definition is meant to include small business owners and self-employed consultants. It does not include those who earn consulting fees without having a part-time or full-time position with an organization or company.

Industry-employed members have the same dues rates, benefits, and privileges as other members in their category, with the following exceptions: Industry members are ineligible to hold office, vote for elected positions, or serve on committees, task forces, working groups, or councils of the Society, except in special circumstances deemed appropriate by the President.

Any member who becomes an industry employee after approval must notify the Society and will be categorized as employed by industry. Likewise, any member who changes employer and is no longer employed by industry can notify the Society to have the categorization removed.

Applicants or members can request to have their industry-employee categorization reviewed by the Membership Committee. Appeals to the decision of the Membership Committee may be reviewed by the Board of Trustees, and any potential conflict of interest involving the role of the applicant within the Heart Rhythm Society will be reviewed by the Ethics Committee.


Visit our Membership FAQs or contact the Membership Hotline at or 202-464-9855.

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