The Nancy L. Stephenson Award for Exemplary Industry/HRS Community Partnership

Nominate an individual to help the Heart Rhythm Society celebrate an Industry professional who has modeled an exemplary Industry/Heart Rhythm Society Community relationship and has promoted the advancement of the field!

The deadline for nominations for the 2020 award is Monday, November 4, 2019.


  • This award is not intended to recognize CEOs or career corporate executives or those in sales/marketing positions.
  • This is not intended as an annual award.

How to Submit Nominations

To nominate a candidate for this award, HRS members will need to provide at least two letters of nomination to the Awards Subcommittee via email ( or fax (202) 464-3401), indicating that:

  • The Nominee is employed by - or retired from - Industry
  • The Nominee must have collaborated with HRS towards the advancement of the EP field such as promoting quality outcomes or advancing patient care, above and beyond the requirements of their job.
  • The Nominee is known in both Industry and among HRS members as one who has enhanced patient care and/or product discovery and/or development.
  • The Nominee serves - or has served - as a mentor and a leader in Industry/HRS relationship building.
  • The Nominee may have been trained as a scientist, engineer, healthcare provider, or other as appropriate.

    Award Winners Receive

    • Complimentary registration to Heart Rhythm.
    • Travel and hotel accommodations stipend up to $2,500 for Heart Rhythm.
    • Recognition on the HRS website.
    • Presentation of award by HRS' CEO.
    • Commemorative plaque.


    Please contact