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HRS Resources for You

Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) offers an abundance of resources for clinicians, researchers, professional partners, and patients who care about ending death and suffering from heart rhythm disorders. From world-renowned print and online journals to pre-eminent in-person and virtual events, the Society has you covered.


No matter what stage of your career as a physician, you’ll find no shortage of HRS education, news, and opportunities to connect with your peers around the world.

Allied Health Professionals

Learn how HRS supports the nurses, advanced practice providers, physician assistants, pharmacists, technicians and other allied health professionals in the EP field.


From basic to translational and clinical science, HRS supports the researchers driving the newest innovations in the field.


HRS is committed to supporting the next generation of physicians and scientists with complimentary membership, travel scholarships, research fellowships, educational resources, and more.

Affiliated Professionals

Working in the field of EP but not actively engaged in patient care or research? Learn how HRS can offer you the resources that will increase your access to the EP community, stay up to date, and elevate your profession.

Patients & Caregivers

HRS empowers patients and their caregivers with accurate and up-to-date information from early warning signs to lifestyle modifications to common treatments. Find the resources you need and use our Find a Specialist tool connect with a physician.

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